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May 22, 2008



Wow, that is an amazingly ignorant response.

Any properly constructed ant farm has zero chance of letting the ants out, and they are VERY educational. It is NOT about having a pet, but about learning about life, biology, patterns, behaviors, etc.

This parent obviously didn't even bother to think, or check, or anything, but just made an instant emotional response, and then follows up with the assumption that this was some sort of "revenge gift", assuming the worst of the giver. Perhaps there is a reason to expect revenge, but then what did they do to deserve revenge?

If after actually bothering to think about it, there is still a reason to not keep the gift in the house, this is still a poor way to handle it. How about seeing if the science teacher at school might be able to put it up in the classroom, or at least letting the kid choose another educational gift from the friend?

I feel sorry for their poor kid, who is clearly being taught to respond to the world emotionally instead of thoughtfully, and is missing out on educational opportunities.

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